24 hour Chinese Organ Clock  Ø30cm (Stainless steel / glass) View full size

24 hour Chinese Organ Clock Ø30cm (Stainless steel / glass)

24 hour Chinese clock diameter 30 cm

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This Chinese 24 hour wall clock is also known as organ clock, meridian clock, circadian clock or Zangfu clock. The clock is divided into 12 zodiacal double-hours an has only 1 hand. In 24 hours the hand goes around.

On the plate the corresponding 12 main organs, 12 meridians, 5 elements, 6 divisions and yin yang polarity are displayed.

Size: Standard, diameter 30 cm
Material: Stainless steel / glass
Color: Stainless Steel
Battery: 1 x  AA Penlight (included)



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